The Signing Tree Venue is a subsidiary of BID Services, a specialist charity for people of all ages with sensory impairments. By booking your meeting with us, you are supporting BID Services’ work to enable and empower people with sensory impairments to live the lives they choose and achieve their goals. 

The last few months have been an especially challenging time for people with a sensory impairment with Covid and lockdown leading to increased isolation and exclusion. BID Services has been working hard to make sure our clients, whether an older adult with age related sight loss or a young Deaf child, have access to the information, support and activities they need to stay safe, stay connected with their loved ones and stay active and engaged. From an accessible Covid information campaign and online British Sign Language (BSL) Yoga classes to online Youth Clubs and a specialist Befriending Service delivered via BSL video calls and phone calls, we’ve been adapting our services to make sure people with sensory impairments are not left isolated and excluded. Our specialist Employment Service has also continued to provide advice and support helping people with sensory impairments navigate the job market and get into education, training and employment, with numbers seeking support surging over recent months. 

As the uncertain times continue, BID Services continues to adapt and support our communities and your ongoing support through booking with the Signing Tree Venue is a vital part of the puzzle, helping us keep these services running.

To find out more about booking a meeting or training space at the Signing Tree Venue, please call us on 0121 450 7755 or send an email to

To find out more about BID Services’ work, please contact, visit our Facebook page or our website at

Thank you for continuing to support the Signing Tree Venue.